eBooks and Audiobooks: Overdrive and CloudLibrary

The Mahomet Public Library has changed from My Media Mall to Rolling Prairie Consortium's Library on the Go. We will still use Overdrive, but we will share a catalog with a different group of libraries. While the name of the Overdrive site we will use is Library on the Go, it is listed as Rolling Prairie Library Consortium in some places. These are two names for the same site. 

Why the change?

We are making this move for several reasons:

  1. Lower costs – Our annual fees will be significantly lower with the new consortium.
  2. Shorter wait times – We will be sharing with a smaller group of users, with shorter average wait times for new titles. We also will be participating in something called Overdrive Advantage. Our patrons will have priority for any titles we purchase through that program.
  3. Local relationships – We will be working with libraries that belong to the same library system (Illinois Heartland) and with whom we already share a physical item catalog.
  4. Local purchasing control – Our library staff will be able to purchase titles that best fit the needs of our patrons.  In particular, we know that many of you love audiobooks and we will be making significant investments into that portion of the catalog. 
How do you make the change? 

On Your Computer

  1. Visit the Rolling Prairie Consortium's Library on the Go page.

  2. Sign in with your Mahomet Public Library card number and pin. 

In the Overdrive App on Your Device

  1. Tap the app icon to open it. 

  2. Tap the menu (three lines in the upper left corner)

  3. Tap Manage Libraries.

  4. Tap the trash can next to My Media Mall (you will no longer need this one.)

  5. Tap the plus sign in the upper right hand corner to add a library.

  6. Search by zip code (61853) or library name (Mahomet).

  7. Tap Mahomet Public Library District. (If it is still listed twice, tap the second entry.)

  8. Log in with your Mahomet library card number and pin. 

What about your holds? 
  • If you have titles on hold in MyMediaMall that are also in the new collection, Overdrive will add you to the holds list in the Library on the Go catalog automatically.
  • If you have titles on hold that are NOT in the new collection, Overdrive will notify Mahomet Library staff so we can consider purchasing these items. 
More questions? 

Please email Kate Smith or call 586-2611 if you’d like more detailed information or if you have specific questions. 

You can use your library card to browse, check out, and download audiobooks and eBooks for the following devices:

  • Kindle eReaders (all types)

  • Nook eReaders

  • other eReader brands

  • tablets, including iPads, Android tablets, and the Kindle Fire

  • smartphones and music players

  • personal computers and laptops

For more details about using Overdrive open our Using Library on the Go trifold

You can download cloudLibrary eBooks and audiobooks directly from our regular catalog or through the CloudLibrary app (available through your device's app store). Use your Mahomet Library card to checkout and download eBooks and audiobooks to:

  • eReaders that use the EPUB format (this does NOT include Kindle eReaders)
  • tablets, including iPads, Android tablets, and the Kindle Fire
  • smartphones and music players
  • personal computers and laptops

For instructions on using the CloudLibrary at the Mahomet Public Library, open our Using CloudLibrary trifold.